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Science-based Net Zero Strategy

Mammut: Do your best, and remove the rest

May 30, 2024
4 min

Mammut’s Journey with Carbon Removal

Mammut has adopted sustainability initiatives that include a science-based reduction target, with focus on scope 3 emissions, the three main pillars are lower-impact materials, renewable energy along the supply chain and circularity, and removing what they cannot reduce. The company has a history of working with sustainability, from social sustainability with the aim of implementing a more ethical supply chain that started several decades ago to enhanced chemical management and animal welfare. Today, the priority is tackling the climate crisis and achieving company–and global–carbon net zero by 2050 latest.

This is where their motto “Do our best, remove the rest” comes into play. By implementing ambitious reductions along their own value chain and engaging with carbon removal partners, Mammut is striving to do just that.

We realised that tackling atmospheric excess through removals was a must-do and goes beyond traditional, avoidance-based carbon offset credits. Through our partnership, we were able to dive deep into understanding and strategy. This meant investing in impactful removals and exploring different partners and methods. Our goal isn't just to talk the talk but to recognise the need to aim for a future of net zero emissions. This awareness drives us to shift funds towards both reducing and removing emissions.

Tobias Steinegger
Head of Corporate Responsibility at Mammut
Investing in permanent methods

Hotelplan UK: Building a people, planet, and future focused approach to sustainable travel

January 18, 2024
3 min

Carbon removal is just one element of the company’s holistic approach

It is important to Hotelplan UK that its carbon removal investment is more than a one- dimensional transaction; so Klimate has helped the business compile a portfolio that delivers co-benefits across pillars including climate, biodiversity and community.

Hotelplan UK has made climate action a responsibility shared by its entire team, from the board which aligns strategy, through to sustainability champions who act as stewards for executing change within every department. This requires team members having a base understanding of mitigation through carbon removal, something else provided by our partnership.

“Our climate action plan begins with us as an organisation measuring our emissions and setting pathways and targets for carbon reduction, because it’s our responsibility to be as light-footed as possible. Then, we have the mitigation stage focused on removal and restoration, which is where Klimate comes in. We need that trust - in the projects you are sourcing, the due diligence you go through - and rely on Klimate to then educate us. We get these insights into projects we’d never have heard about, stories we’d never have been able to uncover. That’s all critical.”

Prue Stone, Director of Sustainability at Hotelplan UK

Hotelplan working to keep the environmental footprint of the Inntravel office as small as possible.

A collaboration based on trust and transparency

Hotelplan UK and Klimate were introduced by a mutual partner, an excellent jumping off-point for a relationship built on trust. Together, we worked to build the right strategy, staying true to their ambition and ability. Hotelplan UK gathers finance for climate mitigation in line with its goals to invest alongside making internal reduction efforts. Each small contribution from its customers can help build big waves through strategic investment in carbon removal projects.

Science-based targets

Wieden + Kennedy: How can agencies evolve to do good(er)?

October 26, 2023
4 min

Their customer journey begins with carbon accounting

We were first introduced to W+K by emission measurement and decarbonisation specialists at Zevero. By working with Zevero, W+K's strategy begins with measuring and strategizing short- and long-term reductions and removing unavoidable emissions simultaneously.

Through this process of strategizing how to take responsibility for their impact, Wieden + Kennedy decided to cut down their carbon footprint and remove a portion of what they could not reduce. By setting a price on emissions, they further incentivise reductions throughout operations. Now, they are also taking accountability for a portion of Scope 3 emissions in their direct control by measuring and removing emissions associated with production in the coming months.

"Using carbon removal as a tool to help take accountability for our impact and leaning into the expertise of Klimate will help us achieve all of our long-term targets. So, as this space evolves, leaning into the partnership with Klimate will help guide us through all of that."

Luke Purdy, Director of Sustainability at Wieden + Kennedy.
Internal emissions offset

Energy Impact Partners: A collaboration that invests in the future

August 31, 2023
5 min

Advancing the net zero carbon economy

Since 2020, EIP has made several public commitments to ESG and impact principles, as well as reporting to promote accountability and transparency. They are a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI), a UN-supported organisation dedicated to advancing responsible investment and supporting an international network of investor signatories to incorporate ESG considerations into investment decisions and ownership practices. They are also members of Initiative Climat International (iCI), a subgroup of UNPRI specifically formed to work on reducing carbon emissions of private equity-backed companies and securing sustainable investment performance by incorporating material climate risks in investment decisions. Lastly, EIP is a supporter of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) as they believe the TCFD recommendations provide a useful framework for increasing transparency on climate-related risks and opportunities within financial markets.

“The clean energy transition requires a monumental shift of supply, delivery, operations, maintenance, management, and customer experience across the entire energy value chain. Companies like Klimate and Greenly support utilities and other companies on their decarbonisation journeys, ensuring they can measure, analyse, improve and remove their GHG emissions or other ESG KPIs.”

Peter Foxpenner, Chief Impact Officer
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