Why Carbon Removal

There is no net zero without carbon removal.

Meaningful climate action is already a widespread expectation. Companies must take responsibility for their greenhouse gas emissions–this means reducing and removing in tandem. That’s the path to net zero.

Why reduce and remove

The essential solution in the fight against climate change.

Rebalancing Earth’s atmosphere and reaching net zero requires ambitious action. To limit or reverse climate change, we need to reduce emissions by 80-90% and, at the same time, widely deploy carbon removal at a level of 10 billion tonnes annually by mid-century.

Carbon dioxide removal refers to various methods that draw carbon out of the atmosphere and store it safely. Moving these molecules of CO₂ into plants, trees, minerals, or underground actually counterbalances and results in a net negative emission.

Why carbon removal today

Doing the smart thing is also the right thing.

Why invest in carbon removal today? Immediate action is not only in line with what the climate needs, but also a strategic opportunity. Here’s why.

Get in line with upcoming regulations.

Are you ready to comply with upcoming policies and standards? Between SBTi, IPCC, ISO, or the upcoming EU CRCF, taking action requires use of high-quality long-term removals to support net zero.

Manage future risks.

Supply is scarce today, and will only continue to crunch as the thousands of net zero target setters approach target years and need to purchase offsets. Secure preferential price and access to high-quality removals that–as opposed to traditional forms of offsetting–guarantee additionality and proof of ROI, protecting your investment from liability.

Social license to operate.

Set yourself apart as a climate leader and take action today, boosting brand reputation and trust. Climate leadership is essential to stakeholder and employee satisfaction, and can even affect company valuation

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Dive Deeper into how it works

Carbon removal can be nature-based, geochemical, engineered - or somewhere in-between.

A number of natural processes take in and store carbon. In addition to these, technologies exist that replicate natural removal processes, or work in tandem with nature to speed them up. We work across these categories to tailor impact.


These methods are biological and typically sequester and store carbon in biomass – the organic carbon-rich material of living or recently living plants and organisms.


These methods rely on technical processes to capture or absorb CO₂ and store it as rocks, minerals, products, or even gas.


This range of methods that leverage natural geological systems and chemistry to sequester and store carbon, often sped up by human intervention.


Many methods fall somewhere between biological, engineered and geochemical approaches, utilizing a combination of techniques to remove and store carbon.


Understand the science.

Explore the methods.

Our projects

We only engage with the best.

Projects that create real impact.

Dive Deeper into Removals


Time & Permanence

To remove atmospheric CO2 and create a lasting impact, carbon must be securely stored in reservoirs to prevent re-emission. The longer CO₂ remains stored and the lower the risk of its release, the more durable and permanent the removal is considered.

Dive deeper into IMPACT



To look beyond carbon tunnel vision, we evaluate the many social and environmental co-benefits that carbon removal projects generate.


Projects contribute to many benefits such as increased biodiversity, soil health, or food security.


With project locations all over the world, they can generate diverse positive impacts such as job creation, capacity building, and increased welfare.

Supplier: Taking Root

"Honest Mobile has been a carbon neutral mobile network since launch, planting trees to offset our emissions. Using Klimate, we now go beyond planting trees, including Biochar and DAC in our portfolio, making our removal more permanent and supporting the development of new technology"

Josh Mihill, Co-Founder at Honest Mobile

Josh Mihill

Co-Founder, Honest Mobile

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