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Verora produces high-quality biochar from agricultural and landscaping residues. They use Pyreg’s pyrolysis technology (P500 model), which in addition to biochar also affords local residences with green heat. As the biochar feedstock is unsuitable for traditional energy utilisation, Verora creates biochar while simultaneously eliminating a waste stream from agricultural operations.

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In 2012, Verora expanded their operations from humus and soil substrates to also produce biochar. Verora has close ties with agricultural operations located across Switzerland, and these farmers have been reliable end-users of biochar. Since adding biochar applications to their repertoire, the farmers have noticed a drastic increase in soil fertility and humus content. The biochar is certified according to the European Biochar Certificate (EBC) and can be applied in multiple agricultural settings, including soil application, animal bedding, and livestock feed additive.



Due to Verora’s roots in agriculture, they were able to apply biochar and find suitable offtake from the beginning of their operations. Biochar offtake, and therefore proper end usage, poses a major bottleneck to the creation of carbon sinks and subsequent production of biochar carbon removal (BCR) credits. Verora has fortunately never encountered this issue and has thrived due to their secured biochar end usage. As very early adopters of biochar applications, Verora has over 10 years of Research and Development (R&D) data on biochar soil applications.



Verora is a collective of farmers that produces climate-friendly agricultural products to close the nutrient cycle through humus accumulation in soil. For over 25 years, Verora has refined green waste and farmyard manure into soil-compatible humus compost, and in the last decade has expanded their operations to produce carbon-preserving biochar.

  • EBC Certification - Verora’s biochar is certified under the EBC’s “Feed” class, which indicates the highest standard of biochar quality under this certification.

Source: Verora


Verora’s vision is not only to harness biomass to produce soil substrate and biochar, but also to couple this climate action with sustained yield growth in an agricultural context. By closing the nutrient cycle within agricultural operations and converting waste to resources, Verora works to provide multiple solutions to farmers while accomplishing meaningful climate action.

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