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Planboo - Thailand Bamboo Biochar

This pilot project with CarbonThink produces biochar from voluminous offcuts leftover from bamboo harvesting and processing in central Thailand, in order to sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, regenerate the soil quality of surrounding farmland, and improve livelihoods in local communities.

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2023, 2024

Planboo - Thailand Bamboo Biochar


Planboo's Thailand Biochar Project works with local implementation partners, Wongphai. Wongphai's founders Khom and Nui recognized the environmental impact of bamboo offcut disposal and partnered with Planboo to become artisan biochar producers, launching their first project. Seeing the potential of biochar to mitigate carbon emissions, create new jobs and improve local soil quality, they initiated the project to transform waste into a valuable resource for agriculture and sustainable development.

Source: Planboo
Planboo - Thailand Bamboo Biochar


Planboo's project in Thailand combines artisan biochar production and community-driven sustainability. Not only removing carbon but also fostering local job creation and advances gender equality through customised employment opportunities, tailored to community strengths.

They has been recognised by the Carbon Standards International's registry/certification in the following:

  • Global Artisan C-Sink certification guidelines. These define how to certify biochar made in an artisanal way with Kon-Tiki type pyrolysis.
Planboo - Thailand Bamboo Biochar


Planboo is a global provider of nature-based carbon removal, fighting climate change and global inequality through scaling biochar projects across the tropics. Our technology equips landowners in the Tropics with the tools, technology and training to turn their sustainably sourced biomass into biochar, increasing farmer incomes, improving soil health and permanently removing carbon from the atmosphere.

Partnering with Klimate was a natural step for Planboo. From early conversations, it was clear they understood the challenges and importance of developing carbon removal projects in the tropics. Their commitment to offtake carbon credits is pivotal for the growth projects in a nascent industry.

Freddie Catlow
Planboo - Thailand Bamboo Biochar


Planboo's biochar projects aim to build the way towards a more equal, more resilient future - their biochar projects across the tropics are just a piece in the puzzle, yet a powerful tool towards systematic change. Planboo's company's belief is that great minds don’t think alike, and their vision is a world where those differences are celebrated and used to tackle challenges in nuanced, inclusive ways - for people and for planet.

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