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Planboo - Sri Lanka Biocharge Lalan

Lalan Rubbers is one of the largest plantation companies in Sri Lanka that primarily focuses on rubber wood. They have set active sustainability goals and are partnering with Planboo to create their own biochar fertiliser and generate carbon revenues.

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Sri Lanka



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2023, 2024

Planboo - Sri Lanka Biocharge Lalan


Utilizing Planboo's cutting-edge technology and methodology, the project aims to monitor biochar production efficiently. Abundant rubber wood byproducts from the rubber industry offer a sustainable biomass source for biochar initiatives. Successful pilot implementation will prompt Lalan to expand production to other estates and introduce advanced, more efficient kilns. Embracing biochar presents a remarkable opportunity for Sri Lankan farmers to decrease reliance on costly chemical fertilizers and promote sustainable soil enrichment in their agricultural practices.

Source: Planboo
Planboo - Sri Lanka Biocharge Lalan


This project has an unwavering commitment to sustainable, regenerative agriculture. Their dedication to exploring and developing new initiatives allows them to undertake and execute projects like this biochar venture promptly. What sets Lalan apart is that they implement this entire process within their organization - instead of selling the biochar, they directly return it to the ground, benefiting their crops in a closed-loop system. This circular approach showcases their commitment to sustainability and resourcefulness. Another point worth mentioning is that the compost they use to mix the biochar before application comes from a nearby Elephant orphanage.

Source: Planboo
Planboo - Sri Lanka Biocharge Lalan


Planboo is a values-driven team doing things a little differently. We have built our solution from the ground up, moving from Europe to live and work in the tropics allowed us to truly understand how we can create long-lasting change for both people and planet. Our solution combines innovative technology and ancient farming practices to bring real time data and tales of carbon transformation from our projects. By nurturing biochar projects in the tropic, we channel carbon finance to areas of the world affected most by climate crisis.

Partnering with Klimate was a natural step for Planboo. From early conversations, it was clear they understood the challenges and importance of developing carbon removal projects in the tropics. Their commitment to offtake carbon credits is pivotal for the growth projects in a nascent industry.

Freddie Catlow
Planboo - Sri Lanka Biocharge Lalan


We are biocharging our way towards a more equal, more resilient future - our biochar projects across the tropics are just a piece in the puzzle, yet a powerful tool towards systematic change. Our company's belief is that great minds don’t think alike, and our vision is a world where, and our vision is a future where those differences are celebrated and used to tackle challenges in nuanced, inclusive ways - for people and for planet.

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