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Planboo - Malawi Bamboo Biochar

AfriBam is a project in Malawi that utilises a regenerative model to grow large quantities of bamboo in an old tobacco plantation. This is then turned into biochar compost to restore soils and increase crop yields.

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Planboo - Malawi Bamboo Biochar


The project harvests bamboo to produce a biochar co-compost product. Malawi has confronted challenges such as soil degradation from extensive tobacco plantations and widespread poverty. The overreliance on tobacco farming has led to deforestation, soil erosion, and nutrient depletion, exacerbating poverty and food insecurity in rural communities. The biochar initiative holds potential to restore degraded soils, reduce poverty, and promote sustainable agricultural practices in Malawi. Bamboo serves as an ideal biomass feedstock, offering fast growth, high carbon content, and ample availability, making it a renewable resource with carbon sequestration benefits, thus contributing to climate change mitigation.

Source: Planboo
Planboo - Malawi Bamboo Biochar


A 2022 IPC report estimated that 5.4 million Malawians are on the brink of extreme hunger. This has been driven by growing global fertilizer prices, increased severe weather events, and extreme poverty, with 70% of the country’s 19 million people living below the world poverty line of $1.90/day. The biochar-enriched compost will help increase the water holding capacity of local soils, allowing them to build resilience to droughts and flooding.The compost is a mixture of bamboo biochar, ground peanut shells, chicken manure, and Kariba weed sourced from the local water dam. The project leads to local job opportunities.

Source: Planboo
Planboo - Malawi Bamboo Biochar


Planboo is a values-driven team doing things a little differently. We have built our solution from the ground up, moving from Europe to live and work in the tropics allowed us to truly understand how we can create long-lasting change for both people and planet. Our solution combines innovative technology and ancient farming practices to bring real time data and tales of carbon transformation from our projects. By nurturing biochar projects in the tropic, we channel carbon finance to areas of the world affected most by climate crisis.

Partnering with Klimate was a natural step for Planboo. From early conversations, it was clear they understood the challenges and importance of developing carbon removal projects in the tropics. Their commitment to offtake carbon credits is pivotal for the growth projects in a nascent industry.

Freddie Catlow
Planboo - Malawi Bamboo Biochar


We are biocharging our way towards a more equal, more resilient future - our biochar projects across the tropics are just a piece in the puzzle, yet a powerful tool towards systematic change. Our company's belief is that great minds don’t think alike, and our vision is a world where, and our vision is a future where those differences are celebrated and used to tackle challenges in nuanced, inclusive ways - for people and for planet.

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