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Ruumi works to enable a future where livestock farming enriches the earth, helping to transform the industry from a climate liability to a climate asset.

CARBON Removal Method

Soil Sequestration


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By using scalable technology to help livestock farmers in the UK and Ireland transition towards regenerative agricultural practices, Ruumi removes greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere by storing them in farmland soils at scale. From a practical standpoint, farmers transition from typically high-input conventional farming practices, into a low- or zero-input sustainable farming system. The sustainable farming system does not use synthetic fertilizer and boosts biodiversity with multi-species grasses while implementing a rotational grazing practice. The rotational grazing practice is a key centerpiece of the farm transition, as it allows livestock to live up to its beneficial ecosystemic potential by imitating how herds of animals move around in nature.

The result is that overgrazing is avoided, more grass is grown with different root depths, while emission-heavy inputs are not needed. Besides the large environmental benefits, the farm transition means that farmers become more profitable while increasing the farms' resilience towards extreme weather conditions.



Due to their state-of-the-art satellite and modeling technology in combination with their user-friendly grazing app, which is free for all farmers to use, Ruumi are able to monitor farm grasslands on a planetary scale. Not only does this provide a level of on-farm transparency never seen before, it also enables Ruumi to support farmers with their implementation of sustainable practices, since satellite readings are utilised in the grazing app in order to manage animal rotations and keep records automatically.



In 2019 the three founders, Johannes, Patrick, and Daniel were working on deep tech for autonomous cars at Daimler in Berlin. There was a farmer protest that year and from this they learned that farmers have severe difficulties implementing any form of sustainable farming. This eventually led to them quitting the automotive industry and instead applying their knowledge to improve the lives of farmers and enable them to proactively transition towards sustainable farming that sequesters large amounts of carbon in the soil.

  • Verra VSC VM0042 methodology - Ruumi adheres to the highest verification standards, utilising Verra VCS VM0042 methodology to issue their carbon credits.



Ruumi’s vision is to unleash the massive potential of the world’s farm grasslands to become a giant carbon sink that fights climate change. By 2030 they aim to sequester 15 megatonnes CO2e annually.

“It’s not the cow, it’s the how.”

Johannes Scheibe, Co-founder & CEO

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