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Carbuna transforms raw biochar into readily accessible products. These products bind CO2 from the atmosphere and store it safely and permanently within soil and building materials. This makes their products climate-positive, which benefits both their customers and the planet at large. In addition to their large network of biochar producers, Carbuna also has its own laboratory and production technology.

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Since 2020, Carbuna has been trading biochar carbon removal (BCR) credits on Carbonfuture’s marketplace. Their biochar-based products have a wide range of applications, most notably in agricultural operations. Carbuna is also actively shaping and expanding the biochar market by being a leader in novel applications of biochar. They partner with customers who apply biochar into building materials, such as concrete and asphalt, to create durable carbon sinks within urban environments. By promoting the diversification of biochar end usages, Carbuna uplifts the industry as a whole to promote the credibility of biochar success cases and scalability of the market.



Carbuna successfully liaises between biochar producers and potential end users. Biochar in its pure form is actually unsuitable for end usage, as it must first be conditioned in soil, compost, or manure to be properly taken up in the soil. Carbuna receives raw biochar from multiple producers within Europe and provides this valuable conditioning services, which makes the product readily available to customers to apply.



Carbuna has been delivering biochar-based products for over 8 years. The products, which range in application types from livestock to arable land and specialty crops, contain biochar from EBC-certified producers across Europe. Their expertise in creating biochar-based products also makes Carbuna pioneers in the industry. They are actively expanding the market’s reach into viticulture, orchard operations, and urban greening.


  • EBC Certification - Carbuna exclusively sources biochar from EBC-certified producers. The EBC is an internationally accepted third party certification for the responsible production and application of biochar.
  • TÜV certified - Stable and traceable processes are an essential part of every value chain. Carbuna is therefore certified according to the quality management standard ISO 9001:2015.
  • GMP+ certified - The GMP+ monitoring system ensures that food and feed are produced hygienically and safely. For many animal keepers, such a system is indispensable in everyday life. Carbuna is certified in both monitoring systems and thus guarantees the highest quality standards for biochar-based feed additives.


The responsible use of natural resources and sustainable management are at the heart of the Carbuna’s philosophy. Carbuna offers natural solutions in the form of high-quality and proven products, and they aim for their products to create success in all use cases.

“Carbuna connects biochar producers to markets. Biochar is the only permanent CDR-technology that offers substantial co-benefits as a product, but it needs the additional income from CDR certificates to prevail against non-sustainable alternatives. Biochar application and CDR certification depend on each other. Without proper applications there will be no removal certificate and vice versa. This is why Carbonfuture and Carbuna match so well.”

Benedikt Zimmermann, Technical Lead
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