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Bio-Logical’s Kenya biochar facility processes agricultural waste into high quality biochar every year, sequestering tonnes of CO2 and supporting smallholder farmers.

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Bio-Logical's project is based around key strategic partnerships with large agribusinesses throughout the Mt Kenya region. They utilise the waste from the production process, which is usually burnt or left to rot, and transform it into high quality biochar. This biochar is combined with several other feedstocks to create our in-house bio-fertiliser which is distributed to smallholder farmers in the region. By implementing this circular economy model, they are able to transform waste into a high value product that not only sequesters carbon but regenerates degraded soil, improving the livelihoods of Kenya’s smallholder farmers. 

Source: Bio-Logical


Their projects aim to go beyond carbon sequestration and build the climate resilience of smallholder farmers!

Source: Bio-Logical


Bio-Logical was founded by Rory and Phil after seeing the profound impact climate change and overuse of chemical fertilisers was having on farming communities throughout East Africa. With their background in carbon markets, international development and disruptive ag-techs they set about developing a solution that sequestered carbon whilst supporting these climate vulnerable communities.

“Despite having nothing to do with the climate crisis, smallholder farmers are some of the hardest hit people on earth when it comes to climate change. Biological’s circular economy model transforms agricultural waste into biochar, which is then incorporated into our bio-fertiliser, sequestering carbon and building the climate resilience of smallholder farmers”

Rory Buckworth


Bio-Logical's vision is to build a world where smallholder farmers do not pay for the pollution of developed nations. As global temperatures rise and weather patterns become less predictable, millions of smallholder farmers globally are fighting increases in droughts, soil degradation and failed harvests. At Bio-Logical, they  use biochar carbon removal to tackle the root cause of this problem, climate change, whilst remedying the challenges felt by smallholder farmers on the ground.

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