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greenSand offers a simple and effective way to capture carbon dioxide and store it permanently with the use of the natural mineral olivine. By means of grinding olivine rich stones the surface area increases. This way, the weathering process is enhanced.

CARBON Removal Method

Enhanced Weathering







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Olivine rock is nature’s own method to reduce carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The earth has been using it for millions of years to capture CO2 from volcanic eruptions. This is a slow process.  By grinding olivine rocks into workable sizes, greenSand offers a sustainable alternative for almost any stone or sand application. From hardening a footpath in gardens to an inspection path near the railway.

When it’s made out of olivine rock, it captures carbon and offers nutricion for the soil as well. Furthermore it increases the pH value and replaces lime.



The fact that the removal of carbon dioxide by means of olivine rock is permanent (it can only be released when the temperature rises to 1000 degrees), makes it a unique method to help us in our struggle to cool down the planet. It’s nature’s own and proven concept for CDR.



In 2008 Eddy Wijnker was working in China as a sound engineer. During an earthquake, he came across some green colored stones. His colleague explained to him these were olivine stones, which capture CO2 when in contact with water. Curious as he is, Eddy wanted to know more. This put him on track with Olaf Schuiling, the Dutch scientist and champion of the use of olivine in order to overcome climate change. Inspired by the natural simplicity of the way olivine removes carbon dioxide and the increasing urgency of the climate problem, Eddy founded greenSand.

  • Validated by Oncra - An Open Natural Carbon Removal Accounting framework that enables carbon dioxide removal and storage with nature-based solutions.
  • Researched by Deltares - An independent knowledge institute for applied research in the field of water and subsurface.

Source: greenSand


“Let's help the earth to save itself” - a well-known quote from professor Olaf Schuiling. By this, he meant that the solution to the climate problem is already there. It is a matter of using it globally. By developing products of olivine-rich rocks that can replace almost all current sand and stone applications, greenSand offers sustainable and climate-resistant alternatives such as paths, garden soil and paving sand.

“The earth has the solution to the climate problem. Together we just have to give it more surface area. With greenSand I want to give everyone the chance to help the earth save itself. Together we will combat climate change”

Eddy Wijnker, CEO of greenSand

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